NEW IN: Umarex Pistols and Rifles

We now stock three NEW pistols and rifles from Umarex!

Browning Buck Mark Magnum

This spring-piston air pistol comes in both .177 and .22. We also sell it's brother, the Browning Buck Mark URX. This is a replica of the original Browning Buck Mark Magnum, and is a gorgeous gun. With a rifled barrel, open sights and a reliable break-barrel mechanism, this pistol promises great shoting fun and excellent performance.

Heckler & Kock MP7 A1 SD

At first sight, no one would suspect a classic break-barrel air rifle behind the gorgeous tactical design of this gun. With multiple picatinny rails for all of your favourite accessories and a collapsible stock, you'll have hours of fun with this "submachine gun".

Ruger Mark IV (Black and Stainless)

The Mark IV is a genuine replica of Ruger's .22 pistol of the same name. The high-quality metal system is adorned with the original markings and, together with the fiber optic front sight, gives it the authentic look that fans of the iconic rimfire pistol appreciate so much. Instead of a 10-round magazine, the

spring-operated version relies on a classic single-shot break-barrel system. The textured polymer barrel sleeve ensures easy cocking, while the automatic safety locks the trigger. In terms of precision, the rifled barrel in combination with the height- and side-adjustable rear sight leaves nothing to be desired. This pistol comes in both black and silver.

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